Goa, The Paradise For Shopping Enthusiasts!!

Goa is one of the most favorite holiday destinations for the people across India and from foreign countries as well and the following article would give the visitors a brief knowledge regarding the best places to shop and which products in Goa which would definitely calm their thirst for shopping. Surveys suggest that shopping has got a therapeutic property of relaxing the mind. So no vacation is complete without the inclusion of shopping. And in a place like Goa, one can never miss out on the exotic products that are available locally and the marketplaces selling these products. Goa apart from its sunny and sandy beaches is also famous for its flea markets and night markets and products like cashew, feni, Goan sausages which comprise the local delicacies.


Goa Cashew Nuts

If a person goes to Goa and does not taste the local cashew nuts, then his trip would definitely be incomplete. Tourists can get a variety of cashew nuts available in different flavours, coatings, spices here in Goa. The tourists should not get fooled by the shopkeepers asking heavy prices for the cashew nuts since they can get good deals and even at wholesale prices as well. Tourists should look out for cashew nuts in market places around Panaji to get them at really great prices. They can also checkout for some wholesale cashew agencies to get them at even cheaper prices. The cashew nuts of Goa have a unique taste and are often the most demanded products in Goa.

  • FENI

Goa Feni

Feni is a local delicacy which is made of cashew and coconut. This liquor has a great taste and generally comes with a great shelf life. Feni is also served in most of the bars and restaurants in and around Goa by mixing it with juices and in form of mocktails. Feni can be purchased from any liquor shops in Goa and is extremely cheap as compared to other branded liquors. This Goan spirit is indeed highly intoxicating and is a great gift option and also one of the best mood makers for any party. So as to get the spirits high, visit any of the certified liquor shops in Goa and get a bottle of your own.


Handicrafts of Goa

The locally made handicrafts are one of the best things a tourist can buy if he visits this place any time around the year. The Goan handicrafts have earned a huge name in the global level owing to their intricate and elegant designs and cheap pricings. On can get a variety of options starting from carpet works to silk sarees, from crafts of the sea shells to artwork on canvas. Most of these handicraft items are available in the beach markets of Goa. The tourists should however not get fooled if the shopkeepers charge high rates and should adjust the rates by bargaining.


Goa Spices

The spices of Goa are as famous as those of Southern India as well. If any tourist visits the market places of Goa, he can discover a range of exotic and exquisite spices. So these spices are a must for all those who have the chefs hidden in them. These spices are freshly prepared by the local firms in Goa and are often available at cheaper rates as compared to other places. They have strong fragrance and tastes as well. The spices are sure to jazz up the cuisines they are used in and give them a great look and flavour. This makes the spices of Goa one of the must haves in the shopping lists of every tourist. These spices as often said hold the key to spice up the lives.



These titles depict the cultures and traditions of Goa. These are often painted in blue and depict pictures of landmarks of Goa. One can also find the cartoons painted by Padmashri awardee Mario Miranda on these tiles. These tiles can be used as decorative showpieces to enhance the charms of the living rooms and can also be used as gifts, mementos and memoirs as well. These tiles comprise the list of the must have items for all the Goa visitors. They can find these painted tiles in any of the famous local market places and even online. These painted tiles have huge fan followings all across the world owing to the magnificent demonstrations they have.


Goan music is the soul of all those wild beach parties and are enough to set the mood high anytime one listens to them. The Goan music comprises of party tracks and also Portuguese music which are indeed a treat for the ears. The Goan music can induce the listeners to rock and dance on their beats whenever they are playing in the background. Goan music CDs can be bought from the beach markets or any of local music shops in any of the markets. With EDM and rock songs taking the markets, Goan music has still maintained a class of its own.


Wooden furniture Goa

One of the other things to buy in Goa are the wooden carvings and wooden decorative items. The furniture items come in huge range of varieties that the tourists can choose from. These wooden items can be used to decorate the homes and also can serve as gifts for any occasions. The minute designs indicative of the high quality of craftsmen involved would always remind the owners of Goa. They can be purchased from any of the famous market places and from some roadside stalls as well. The tourists should ensure to get them at better prices by bargaining with the shopkeepers.

These are some of the products that must be included in the shopping lists of every tourist who visits Goa. These products can be obtained from some of the market places present around Goa.


The following section highlights a number of market places in Goa which are famous for the wide variety of products that they have for the customers. May it be beach wear, flip flops, ornaments, wines and much more, name it and they have it. All the above listed products can also be easily found in these market places. Tourists can definitely enjoy having one of the most pleasant times in these markets.

If one is on a vacation trip to Goa, he should never miss out the following places for shopping:



The market sets up every Wednesday on the beaches of Anjuna. The market is famous for its huge varieties of products like footwears, the infamous Goan artificial jewellery and souvenirs. The market started off as a place where people used to sell their used goods and has now risen to be one of the major market spaces of Goa. Tourists can reach there by hiring a cab from any place in Goa.



If spices and sweets of Goa top the priority list of the tourists, they should definitely visit the Panjim market complex which is in close proximity to Inox cinema in Panjim. This is one of the best planned marketplaces one can find in the country and houses products like cashew nuts, handicrafts apart from the spices. There are also a good number of eateries for the refreshment of the visitors. One can also find outlets selling the Goan famous liquor ‘feni’. The place is also ideal for settling the price of the products through bargaining.



If you are eagerly looking for some spices to add the extra flavours to the food you cook, you must book a cab and head straightway to Mapusa. The Mapusa market also sell handicraft items, pickles, dried and fresh fish and much more. The market gives the visitors a complete recap of the traditional Goa feeling and culture. One of the best attractions of the market is the lip smacking Goan sausages that is a must-try for all the visitors. These sausages are also called as ‘chouricos’.



The market is set up on the shores of the Calangute beach and provides the tourists an exciting shopping experience. What else can be better than shopping while the sea breeze dashes against you? Adding to the charms are the huge variety handicraft items and beach wears that are available here. The market is also famous for its leather goods and metal decorative items. This is one of the most frequented marketplaces of Goa and this market gets a huge number of visitors all-round the year.



Margao is one of the busiest places in Goa and the Margao market the goods that one can find in this market can cause the shopper inside everyone to rise. The market provides the widest variety of goods and products for the tourists. This market place is located in South Goa and can be reached very easily by taking a bus or booking a cab.



The freshness of the products that are available in this market comprises its appeal and name. One can find fresh fruits and veggies, fresh fish, fresh cashew nuts sold in this market place. The market is one of the most affordable market places in Goa but however some tourists might find it a bit irritating and dirty to walk through mudholes with the fishy smell in the air in the market. The local residents of Goa visit this market place for their daily grocery needs.



There are a number of shopping malls in Goa selling the traditional Goan products. However, the Caculo shopping mall is one of the best places for the tourists to visit. The mall has everything available for people of all age groups. There are both branded as well as the locally made goods that the tourists can buy from this market complex. The mall also has a number of snacks bars serving some of the Goan local delicacies.

There are certain market places in Goa which come live during night times to jazz up the night lives of the tourists here at Goa. Goa is known for its great night lives and the following night markets hold a major share in this:



The bazar sets up every Saturday night and the market is sure to liven up the weekends of every visitor. The market has some of the best handicraft articles for the customers and tourists. Some tourists might find this market a bit expensive when compared to other similar markets but it surely deserves a visit. The market also features goods from other states as well. Tourists willing to pay a visit to this market can take a bus, cab or rickshaw from any place around Goa. The atmosphere of this market is enough to allure the visitors to some shopping.



This market place also opens up every Saturday night and features a wide variety and collection of products. The goods available in this market space reflect the rich Goan culture and traditions. The market also has a large number of shops where the tourists can get tattoos or trendy haircuts. The market is a great place for all those who have the necessary set of bargaining skills. All others can enjoy window shopping while devouring the local delicacies.



The market place is located at the road connecting Arpora and Baga beach. The market place is famous for handicraft goods and artificial jewellery items. The market sets up on the shores of the Baga river and is a must visit for all the tourists visiting Goa and wishing to enjoy the night life. The market place is accessible by from any place around Goa through a bus, cab or a rickshaw.


These products and the market places selling them make Goa one of the best holidaying destinations across the world. Adding to the charms of spending days sunbathing on the sunny golden beaches, the tourists can also pay a visit to these market places to collect souvenirs and the locally made handicrafts to give them the essence of Goa every time they look at them. Shopping at all the above-mentioned destinations and for the above-mentioned products should be on the bucket lists of every tourist who pays a visit to Goa. Happy Shopping!

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