Kedarnath Dham(Chardham Yatra) – The Kedarnath Temple and Best Time to Visit

Kedarnath Dham(Chardham Yatra) – The Kedarnath Temple and Best Time to temple of chardham is Kedarnath.Explore To Gauri Kund,Chorabari Tal,Bhairav Temple,Vasuki Tal

Kedarnath Dham which is placed in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. It is one of the highest paramount regions for worshipers of Shiva. The air emerge which is to be rebound with the name of Lord Shiva amidst the indomitable snow-covered pinnacle, pleasant grassland and forests of the lower mountain dimension of Himalayas. It is placed in a positioned location which is nearest the derivation of Mandakini River and it is at the height of 3,584 meters, Kedarnath Dham observes the immensity of Lord Shiva. Kedarnath Temple is one of the 12 Jyotir Lingams which is the further ultimate essential temple in amidst of the Panch Kedars. It is further one of the compelling temples of the cherished Chota Char Dham Yatra in Uttarakhand, elevate the dignity of the place to more heights.

Exposed from an extensive terminal of Uttarakhand, the navigable road approaching Kedarnath temple radius till Gauri Kund. It takes around 14km trek approaching Kedarnath Temple. Ponies and Wagon are comfortably feasible. One can further applicability helicopter advantage at the duration of pinnacle season of Yatra.

The tough journey till the extreme sparkle of Shiva which is blooming reimburse with the devotional atmosphere. It is established by the composed, temperate and elegant delicacy of the suburb. The elevated Kedarnath pinnacle which is up to 6,940 meters height, stands trailing in the midst with another pinnacle. It constitutes an excellent setting for the hallowed land of the supreme divinity. The tapered shaped of Shiva lingam which is in the Kedarnath temple is an exclusive component of the temple in the midst of all Shiva holy place.

Tradition Of The Kedarnath Temple

 Loaded with the regret of finishing their blood relatives, Pandavas desired Lord Shiva to exonerate themselves of their immorality. Lord Shiva didn’t want to absolution them from their offense so efficiently and covered himself as crap to roam in Garhwal Himalayas. In the presence of exposed by Pandavas, Shiva plunge into the ground, at that time Bhim proved to catch him and could only get dominance of the hump. Another body parts of Shiva which came up at disparate places. Elevation of the bull was initiate in Kedarnath, navel arrived at Madhya – Maheshwar, two shins aroused at Tunganath, surface in Rudranath and hair show up at Kalpeshwar. Well-adjusted these five cherished places are called Panch Kedar. It is considered which formerly Pandavas assembled the temple of Kedarnath, the present temple was ingrained by Adi Shankaracharya who renewed and recovered the dignity of the holy place.

Which Places Are Nearest The Kedarnath Dham 

  1. Kedarnath Temple:

The glorious and dramatic structure of Lord Shiva’ holy place which is formed of grey crystal. Elevated scale expanding up to 14km from Gauri Kund fringe with the generous delicacy of nature. The surface and arduous avenue reward the pioneer the imaginative views of frosty-pinnacle, soaring pasture and alluring forests of rhododendrons. A large crystal piece of Nandi Bull beams at the holy place, defending it and sitting right reversed it.

Kedarnath Temple

There is one Garbha Griha which houses the dominant idol of Lord Shiva. The idols of Lord Krishna, Pandavas, Draupadi and Kunti bargain space in the Mandapa sector of the holy place. The temple has held off natural calamities such as avalanches, earthquakes, and floods for by thousand years and still determination as energetic and delicate as it must have been formerly.

With the highest of the winter season, the entrance of the temple which is closed on the 1st day of Karthik in the month of October and November. Amidst of decorated rituals and portable idol of Shiva which is relocated to Omkareshwar temple in Ukhimath. The Shiva Idol which is greeted back and the temple is opened repeatedly after 6 months in the Vaisakh month of April and May duration of Hindu calendar.

  1. Gauri Kund:

It is the opening point of the expedition approaching the temple of Kedarnath. As per a fiction of Goddess Parvati which is deliberated by here middling to marry Lord Shiva. It reposed of natural thermal elasticity and proposition bracing bath to travels before they commence for the divine darshan of Kedareshwar.

Gauri Kund

Gauri Kund

There is further an antique Gauri Devi temple by here, honoring the goddess. It is half of the Kilometer from Gauri Kund which is the temple of Sakata Ganesha. Concede to Skanda Purana, this was the place where Shiva executed Ganesha and then adhere the land of an elephant on his headless body.

  1. Chorabari Tal:

Encourage by Chorabari glacier the composed and intact Chorabari Lake which can be attained after experimenting a hike of less than 4km from the Kedarnath town. It is further known as Gandhi Sarovar as some of the embers of Mahatma Gandhi were absorbed in its waters. In the passage of, there is a waterfall which one obligation to annoyed. It glimpses charming but care should be seized while flowing beyond it.

Chorabari Tal

Chorabari Tal

  1. Bhairav Temple:

In this temple complex, to the south side, there is another antique and decisive temple. It is devoted to Bhairav Nath, who is considered to be one who defender the temple compound in the duration of the holy place which is closed in the winter season.

Bhairav Temple

Bhairav Temple

  1. Vasuki Tal:

It is placed at 3,315 meters of the lucent clear the blue-water lake of Vasuki which is in reverse 8km from Kedarnath. It is entirely an ambitious expedition and associates going beyond glaciers but the walk in the midst of the untouched Himalayas is valuation every fragment of battle.

Vasuki Tal

Vasuki Tal



Delhi – Haridwar – Rishikesh-Devprayag – Srinagar – Rudraprayag – Tilwara – Agastamuni – Kund – Guptkashi – Phata – Rampur – Sonprayag – Gaurikund – Trek to Kedarnath

By Air:

 If you want to reach Kedarnath Dham by air then Jolly Grant Airport on Rishikesh-Dehradun road which is the nearest airport to Kedarnath. You can also hire a taxi to Gaurikund or till Haridwar or Rishikesh.

 By Train:

 If you want to reach Kedarnath Dham by train then regular trains come from Delhi to Haridwar and Dehradun are available at all times of the year. You can also hire a Cab or get a bus from here.

By Bus:

 If you want to reach Kedarnath Dham by bus then Gaurikund is an associated with navigable roads and buses and taxis from decisive destinations such as Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarkashi, and Tehri, Pauri and Chamoli are comfortably available.


The best time to visit the Kedarnath Temple is from April or May to June and September to October or November.

In the duration of the season the humidity of Kedarnath which remains a lot of amusing and cool. Winters here are harsh with sub-zero temperature and heavy rainfall. Monsoon season identifies heavy deluge, so one must bring few essences while journeying to this excursion place in the monsoons.


Summers of Kedarnath which is inception from May and lasting till June are amusing with the temperature fluttering approximately 17 ° C. It is the excelling weather to pay a visit to the Kedarnath holy place and further to nourish in some sight-looking of eminent sports which are around Kedarnath. The weather leaving moderate in the duration of this time and accordingly this season is the optimal time to travel to this place.

Trip Precondition:

Don’t blow to bring a day pack which pair of migrating shoes for comfortable walking in the midst with migrating pants, windproof jacket, lightweight woolen clothing, sun cap, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, torch or flashlight with extra batteries, walking stick and personal toiletries. Bringing a water bottle which is a must onward with pockets such as dry fruits, energy bars and energy drinks like electoral Gatorade.


 Monsoons hit Kedarnath opening from July and completion till August with temperatures descend down to 12°C. In this season Kedarnath which is patronized with heavy rainfalls and landslides accordingly, visitors are considered to be inclined to affect the complication. One must bundle middling to save themselves from due to the heavy rains.

Trip Precondition:

In the duration of this season don’t miss to bring a thing such as rain cover, a pair of waterproof jacket, hiking shoes, trekking pants, windproof or water resistant jacket, thick fleece, woolen clothing, waterproof gloves, thick woolen socks, walking stick, raincoat or poncho, torch or flashlight with extra batteries and personal toiletries. Don’t miss a water bottle in the midst of dry fruits to munch and energy drinks to avoid dehydration.


Winters in Kedarnath which is started in the month of November and until April month. This season is not a better time to visit this place as roads to Kedarnath get blocked due to heavy snowfall. Because of this, the Kedarnath Temple remains closed at the duration of winter months. Winters season is a very chill atmosphere with sub-zero temperature. Kedarnath remains as it is in this season with heavy snowfall at this time making this place very conscious for a while.

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