Best Visiting Place To Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is one of the best tourist places in India.  Mahabaleshwar is located at the wastern Ghats and well known hill station . Mahabaleshwar is famous for strawberries and  due to their natural beauty. Due to the numerous rivers around Mahabaleshwar, this place will feel like paradise. Not only the rivers but the surrounding greenery will captivate your mind. 

Mahabaleshwar is located in Satara district in Maharashtra. Not only that, but it is an attractive place in the Western Ghats. Mahabaleshwar is well known for the fields of Strawberry but it is also famous for deep valleys and dense forests. Not only that, but the old wines are also there and the boarding school is also known there. And when you are discussing the places around Mahabaleshwar, it is a pleasure to tell you that the city of Mahabaleshwar also has a wonderful attraction.

People from metropolitan areas like Mumbai visit Mahabaleshwar to get rid of their busy lives. Because the natural beauty of Mahabaleshwar, he gets peace of mind.

Let us put other stories to the side and learn more about Mahabaleshwar’s places in detail.

Elephant Head Point

As I told you before, Mahabaleshwar has a wonderful store of natural beauty. One of them is the elephant head point. Talking about Mahabaleshwar, the elephant point should be forgotten why it is running. Elephant Point is the main attraction of Mahabaleshwar. The Kawa Valley on one side and the Baju Savitri Valley on the other provide you with a stunning attraction to Elephant Point. It is a matter of luck to have sunrise and sunset at Elephant Point. An elephant point is a space between two valleys that resembles the shape of an elephant. There you can enjoy a picnic with your friends and family.

Greatest Time To Visit Elephant’s Head point
The most suitable time to tour the place is within March and June for Mahabaleshwar experiences substantial rainfall from June to September.

How To Reach the Elephant’s Head point 

The elephant head point is located beyond the Lodwick Point towards the end of the hill. It can quickly be reached from the parking lot which is located at a range of 1 km on foot.

Chinaman’s Falls

Chinaman’s Falls contributes significantly to making Mahabaleshwar attractive. If you are fond of natural beauty then you may not like the waterfall. Because the waterfall offers a spectacular view of natural beauty. The chainaman’s Falls also give you a spectacular natural beauty.

The area is called behind the Chinese prison located in the neighborhood. It serves as a classic holiday spot fascinating a bewitching experience.

Dhobi’s WaterFall

Dhobi Falls also offers wonderful natural beauty to Mahabaleshwar. Dhobi Falls is a waterfall connecting the Elephant Face Point and lodwick. And even so, the waterfall of Dhobi lies between the old Mahabaleshwar and the petit roads. Not only that but it is a waterfall providing wonderful natural beauty.

Arthur’s Seat Pr Suicide Point

when you reached a suicide point then you can watch the beauty of the Savitri rival and Brahma-Rasayana valley. Whenever you go to Suicide Point, you will be able to sit there and enjoy the view of the natural table.

In my opinion, you should carry the necessary materials before you get to Suicide Point.

Like enough food, enough water, and a good guide book that gives you information about the map as well as its locations.

Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar Overview

Venna Lake is a wonderful and beautiful lake in Mahabaleshwar and is usually thronged by guests from all over India. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar, and its tranquility is what delivers for the place. The lake is included with big trees and grass all over.

Venna Lake is developed by a human, not a natural beauty. But people are very attractive and Mahabaleshwar has an important place in attractive places. 

Venna Lake was constructed by Shri Appasaheb Maharaj who was the king of Satara and a descendant of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, in the year 1942. Appasaheb was the leader during the 19th centenary, and the ancient tower which is now in the center is a sign of the history enclosing the place. The lake is covered over an area of 28 acres with a periphery of 7 to 8 km. It was originally created with the aim of providing to the water needs of the city of Mahabaleshwar. The lake has one or two thirds (place of pilgrimage) descended to nearly 1 to 2 km. Chhatrapati Pratapsinh Garden is started on the banks of the lake.

The lake gives interesting boat rides to the visitors and therefore is habitually very crowded. Visitors can also opt for horse journeys nearby, which are largely liked by children. People favor taking a quick walk to reach here from the market area and bus stand nearby. There are lots of restaurants available  near Venna Lake that brings even more tourists.

Wilson Point, Mahabaleshwar Overview

Wilson’s Point is a hill if you visit Mahabaleshwar the first visit to Wilson Hill. Because spreading your morning hours there will be a different refresh. And enjoy the sunrise.

And not only this, Wilson Hill is the highest place of Mahabaleshwar.

Mahabaleshwar Temple 

Mahabaleshwar Temple is located 6 km from the city of Mahabaleshwar. This shrine is a wonderful heritage temple of the Maratha Empire. Thousands of people come to this temple called Mahabala every day for peace of mind. Lord Shiva is present in this temple, so it is an important place of Hindu faith. Mahabala Temple is a wonderful 16th century temple. Not only that but the mountainous area and the forest area provide wonderful beauty to this area.

The Mahabaleshwar temple was billed by the Chandra Rao during the 16th century. This temple is protected by five foot wall and when we talk about the design of the temple then interior and outer area design is also awesome. 

In the inertial area you can find the shiv ling with damru , trishul etc. while in the outer area you will find the kalbhairav murti.  


Panchagani  is one of the most famous hill stations which are also located near to Mahabaleshwar. Panchagani is famous for their different hills and natural beauty.  

Tapola, Mahabaleshwar Overview

Located in the picturesque valleys of Mahabaleshwar, Tapola is a satellite village where nature has been very plentiful. Famed as the ‘Mini Kashmir’, Tapola has amazing of the most unusual scenic beauty which gives it an ideal target for a back to nature experience. This purpose will take you back in time when mornings were possessed for suckling cows and lazy evenings gave way to sublime evenings. There are several unknown forts in the solid forest around the lake in Tapola like Vasota and Jaygad, which move for an enterprise in its own right. The scenery of these forts and forest nearby is magnificent and you can capture a bird’s eye view of the entire region. 

You can also explore the many anonymous islands which rest in this vast 90-kilometre storage, or boat in Shivsagar Lake as well.

Shopping in Mahabaleshwar, Mahabaleshwar Overview

Whenever it comes to shopping for Mahabaleshwar, Mahabaleshwar is famous for strawberries but also wonderful shoes are available in Mahabaleshwar. From Mahabaleshwar you do not forget to buy jam as well, because of the excellent quality jam.


Through this article I informed you about Mahabaleshwar’s deserving place, and in my opinion Mahabaleshwar is a wonderful place to visit. If you also like natural beauty like me, then visiting Mahabaleshwar is a must. Because of Mahabaleshwar has a wonderful collection of natural beauty.

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