Lohri Festival and Its Religious Importance

Lohri Festival and Its Religious Importance.Lohri Festival is famous in punjab.Places to Visit to Celebrate Lohri Festival in Amritsar,Chandigarh,Jalandhar.Ludhiana.

Hello Friends, Today we are discussing about another year of our life with an ambitious farewell of 2019,  produce to save some of your commotions to observe someone else big occasion which happens license after the New Year. So, today we will discuss in reverse of the beloved Punjabi Festival of Lohri.

What about the Lohri?

Lohri is one of the extensive carnivals in Punjab and Haryana expanse. After all, it is acclaimed in the integrated North Indian string which accomplishes it one of ultimate prominent carnival in India. It is acclaimed with love and ardor. The carnival of Lohri which is recognized to compensation admiration to the winter elevation. After all, it is mostly known as the consequence carnival of Punjab and accordingly. It has an extreme implication for the nation of Punjab.

As per the Punjab expanse, wheat is treated as the main crop in the month of October, fruitage is propagated by the farmers which accumulate elsewhere in March or April. In the month of January, the continent gains replete up with the gathering of wheat with an obligation of golden cropping.  At the duration of this time, the charming Lohri carnival which is recognized sooner the accumulation procedure of the vintage.

When is Lohri? 

The Lohri carnival date in the year of 2019. It will be the same as every year as well as also inspected on 13th January, a day before someone else favored Hindu celebration, Makar Sankranti.

Fiction of Food:  

There is well-heeled antiquity of the carnival and accordingly, assorted fiction is combined with the observance of Lohri. The first one starch conforming this:

The venerable people formerly assemble an incantation which disguised them and their families from the intense winter cold. The recipe of this mantra formed Sun Gold hear and their prayers which are as per the result of it. He sprinkled an extensive measure of warmth on them assure to diminish the reaction of winter cold. In regulation to be obligated the God, people initiated recite the mantra curved a fire and in this way arrive the element of Lohri. In this fiction, the fire of whatever the people return curved of immortalizing the Sun God.

Someone else, folklore asserts that, in the antique time, the people passed down to shiny the fire that one may conserve themselves from the wild animals. Concede to them, this further preserved their element. The fire pre-owned to be a contract one, in which everyone pre-owned to take part. The young boys and girls were inquired to assemble the coppice from the Jungle and proportional now. It is a classical when young ones go all over to compile the cow dung for the fire of Lohri. In this fiction, the fire is anticipated as per our defender. The custom of brace recites for the child and parents appeal for their unmarried daughters for a husband imitative from this folk narrative.

After all, the last fiction discloses the story which dates back to the reign of Akbar. This story forces like this in Punjab, there was a man named as Dulla Bhatti, who is forenamed to be a Muslim looter. In the face of presence a raider, the man adhered an excellent influence in the place. The sense for his exceptional honor was which he passed down to delivery Hindu girls from presence a casualty of mortal negotiate. Not decent this, the man further position the marriages of the saved girls. His equivalent extreme manipulation which formed him eminent in the exclusive suburb of Punjab. To memorialize of this story, the songs are sung by the boys with an expletive of ‘ho’, after respective line. So, here are a few lines of one of those favored songs sung on the eve of Lohri.

The following is the lyrics of this Story Song:

Sundri Mundri Hei! Hoi!

Tera Kaun Vichara! Hoi!

Dulla Bhatti wala! Hoi!

Dullah Di Dhi viyahi! Hoi!

Sher Shakar pai! Hoi!

Kudi de Mamme aaye! Hoi!

Unane Churi Kuti! Hoi!

Jimidari Lutti! Hoi!

Ik kola Ghut Gaya!

Jimidar Apni……

 Why it is Celebrated ‘Lohri’ Festival?

The carnival of Lohri which is acclaimed to recognition the winter elevation. This vibrant carnival request parting to the winter season and salute to the consequence season. Not decent with this carnival further perform the accumulation of Rabi vintage. All the time, Lohri which is detected in integrated North India. Now, it has an exclusive implication in Punjab and Haryana locality. By reason of Punjab which is proclaimed as the midsection of India, the festival influence extensive influence for the farmers of the state who observe it recognizes the consequence season which is further considered as the golden cropping season. Aside from the consequence season, the carnival further conveys the concern of potency in Indian families as per the Punjab tradition and in this way Lohri which is further treated as a big carnival incident for the helpmate and further the mother of the latterly essential bundle.

How ‘Lohir’ is it Celebrated?

The central allure of Lohri which is the conflagration which memorializes the Sun God. The consequence season and this story of Dulla Bhatti. On verge of the Lohri, people dispose of a conflagration in their forward yard. Association all over the conflagration, people observe the carnival by singing and dancing on folk songs.

There is a favored procedure where all those people convention all over the fire which has to deliver popcorns, puffed rice, peanuts, and sweets into the conflagration. Additionally, a Puja which is further attended at the Place of the conflagration. After all, the Prasad of the Puja subsists of six food items, revri & gajak, gur, moongphali, phuliya and popcorn. Addition formality says which people have to behave parikrama of the conflagration. With all of loves and ardour, reception is further returned with friends and families.

To the appearances of their love for the carnival, bhangra which is further executed by the men. Considering that, female execute the gidda dance. Additionally, drums and dhols are further played at the duration of this festival. Whatever, each person dances with so much devotion. Aside from these diverse folk songs are also realized at the duration of the Lohri ceremony in India. In Punjab, at the duration of the time of this carnival, assorted fairs which are further formulated as per the marks of the football of diverse people from distant and wide. Races, wrestling bouts, singing, acrobatics, games, and food stalls are the extensive feature of these carnivals.

Important Things which is necessary about Lohri

  • Those people who are Punjabi Farmer, the carnival of Lohri impression of the beginning of a new year as the festival proclaim the aggression of the consequence season.
  • As per the Punjab tradition, there is a procedure to eat the trademark food of the state which is “Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti”.
  • The carnival of Lohri which is acclaimed to proposal valediction to the winter season and to pleasant the cropping season and permitted program their devotion, people embrace each other with a term, “til-gul ghya ani gud gud bola”.
  • Alternate of contribution which is one of the beloved conditions to do at the duration of Lohri ceremony, days before the carnival, people opening allowing gifts to their friends and families. The gifts combine Jaggery, Dry Fruits, a basket of fruits, gajak, revri, sweets and the sagan.
  • The carnival influence a certain implication for newlywed proclaim first Lohri after marriage. Gifts are inclined to the newlywed couples as an expression of love. There is further a custom where the bride behaves gidda all over the fire.

Best Places to Visit to Celebrate Lohri Festival in India

Blooming, if you haven’t been an element of this vibrant carnival then we will give you here some top places to visit for Lohri Celebration. All these places arrive with an assurance of some epic Lohri Celebration and you will certainly love your time at this terminal.

  • Amritsar: Definitely, a not-to-miss out this terminal in Punjab whenever it is in reverse the perform the carnival of Lohri and the home to the Glorious Golden Temple, which is located in Amritsar. It is one of those cities in Punjab which have conserved its culture and attitude well-conserved and accordingly, the people of the city attentively glance leading to the carnival of Lohri.
  • Chandigarh: Proclaimed as one of the graceful cities in India, Chandigarh which is amidst the finest places in Punjab to be a component of the sparkling carnival of Lohri. Everything carnival which is the people of Chandigarh perceives how to entertain a day or proclaim it to the entire. With the conventional ceremony which combines singing and dancing, Lohri is Chandigarh which is a high-energetic ceremony.
  • Delhi: As per the Punjab locality, the capital city further proclaims the carnival of Lohri with much adoration and ardor. Actually a sophisticated, the integrated city of Delhi proclaim of this carnival. After all, there are few Punjabi areas such as Punjabi Bagh, Karol Bagh, Tilak Nagar and Subhash Nagar where you can identify a larger chunk of people revere the Lohri carnival. The presence of a disparate city with frequent cultures, the Lohri ceremony in Delhi as correlated which is in Punjab, is fragment distant now it is amusing to the timepiece.
  • Ludhiana: It is placed on the bank of Sutlej River, Ludhiana is someone else place in Punjab situation the winter carnival of India, Lohri which is acclaimed on an ambitious extent. In the city, the formation of the ceremony start a month in advance, people fly kites, dance completion are choreographed in advance, decent are formed days before the festival and much further
  • Jalandhar: It is one of the ancient cities in Punjab is Jalandhar. Against the addition the people of the city which have managed to conduct conscious the conventional and cultural antiquity of Punjab. If you want to observe the conventional ceremony of Lohri, no alternative place than Jalandhar is the finest place to enjoy there.           

Awesome Message from the Festival of this Society

This is an existence of question, what we literally explore from this carnival? Diwali, Holi, Christmas, or Lohri but for investigating, do we consistently indeed think of the real concern of these carnivals. It is one of the high-animated carnivals in India and we all should be aware of the message which is the carnival distribute to the society. Let’s see here of this carnival transmit to us:

  • After all, the ceremony of the Lohri which is attended with the aggregate family, relatives, and neighbors. It allows certain attention to the word called Love.
  • Constant after breathing in the present day world and the people observe this carnival in their conventional way, which exposition consideration against their tradition.
  • This carnival is acclaimed by a farmer to desirable the cropping season which manifests the value of their subsistence which is agriculture.
  • Alternatively, gifts and prasads with friends, families, and neighbors the carnival further target on ‘Unity in Diversity’.

So, Finally, it was all in reverse of the consequence carnival of Lohri.

Hope you have enjoyed this post on Lohri Festival and its importance in India. We have described above all the details about Lohri festivals which are celebrated in Punjab. If you have like this post the do share it with your friends and family members who really interested in different kinds of the festival which is Lohri. Have a Great Day!!!

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