Polo Forest is a wonderful place to picnic near Ahmedabad

Come To Polo Forest And Join In The Nature Surroundings

Howdy guys, I hope you all have fun. Today we are visiting a new place I hope you like this place. In today’s fast life, we have become so busy that we have forgotten to live with your family members and ourselves in our fast life. Today we will learn about this place through this article and get information that will provide you some relief from your fast life. If you live in Ahmedabad in Gujarat then you will know about the forests of Polo. And if you do not know, you will know from the middle of this article.

Nowadays people are busy with time. People do not come far from their work and move away from their own selves. And he also lives a stressful life. For example, in today’s job there is a tension between completing the target or working in the dead line.

polo Forest is an ideal place to spend your weekend. If you live in Gujarat then you should visit Polo Forest once. And I tell you, you will visit one time and another visit a second time. Because the forests of Polo have also forced me to visit many times. But you have a mind to say one thing if you like natural surroundings, don’t just go to Polo Forest so you can visit another place.

About Polo Forest 

Let’s took information about the polo Forest.  The jungle of the hive is the ideal place. Because it is only 150 km away from a big city like Ahmedabad. It has therefore become a favorite destination for tourists.

The forests of Polo are located near the village of Abhapur in Vijayanagar taluka of Gujarat. Polo Forest covers an area of 400 square km. If you are fond of greenery this is the best place for you.

People here come to make their own picnic. And the people here also support the tourist.

You do not have to pay any kind of fees to visit this place and do not need any permission.

How To Reach Polo Forest ?

If you have your own car, you will be able to reach the forests of the hive directly. And a number of people come to visit the jurisdiction of Polo. And even if you do not have a car, you do not need to panic. From the Gita Mandir bus stand in Ahmedabad, you will easily get buses from Ider. After going to Ider you can take private sharing jeep or choose bus and go to Polo Forest.  Polo forest is nearest to Ider around 40 km away from the Ider. 

Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar – Himmatnagar – Idar –Vijaynagar cross road take vijaynagar road  – Abhapur – Polo Forest

Which Type Of Thing You Bring With Us?

Whenever you are visiting polo forest then must take things which I listed here :

  1. Wear sport shoes or trekking shoes which you feel comfortable. 
  2. Take an Umbrella or Raincoat in monsoon season. 
  3. Take a meal from your home, otherwise you need to place order before you visit. 
  4. You must bring a pure drinking water.  Otherwise you can also purchase it from the local store. 
  5. If you want to stay at night then take torch, candle and take mystiques refill.   

Places To Visit At Polo Forest

First thing you like to take Jungle photography then this place is heaven for you.   In this place you can find lots of trees and grass for picnics and photography. Many Gujarati films and album are making in this place. Not only is this but polo Forest one of the best places for pre-wedding photography.  Many couples come for their pre-wedding photography. 

Not only this but there are several places that will make you feel refreshed. Such as a dam on the Harnav River. You can also explore this dam and taking photos as well as capture it and make fresh your mind and body. 

Just a short distance from there is a Shiva temple located at Sarneshwar.

Within a short distance there is also a temple of Lakha, and all this I came back in a day with a rest. Because all these places are very close to each other, you can move from place to place as you walk.

Places To Stay In Polo Forest

 During my first trip, I did not stay any night, because I went to do a photo shoot and enjoyed the natural sight of the Polo Forest so I arranged my second trip within 3 months of the Polo Forest. And then I stopped there.

In the middle of the hollow jungle, the state of Gujarat is managed by forest conservation. It gives you room for accommodation and the rooms are of two types: AC and NON-AC and can be rented at affordable cost to your budget so you do not think if the costs will go up.

But as for my personal suggestion if you want a good accommodation like 3 stars so do not stay here you can also take good hotel near polo forest which are available in Himmatnagar. 

Polo Festival

Polo festival is a fabulous way to encounter the charm of polo forest being regulated by government of Gujarat. You can appreciate staying in a luxuriousness tent and at the very point, you can enjoy exploring wonderful nature. If you are thinking to travel the Polo forest with your friends and family, don’t wait and book your visit to the polo camp city and be a part of this amazing polo Utsav 2017. Visit details blog post about polo Utsav to learn more about it.

Most of us supposed to waste our weekend without bothering about the office and business calls. The place where we can consume our time with family, friends or ourselves! Yes, it is extremely powerful to spend some time alone. But how? Are there such villages around Ahmedabad? Polo forest is the answer!

Recently I attended the Polo forest the second time after 3 months and this time my practice was totally different and amazing. As we decided to stay overnight in the Polo forest, we consumed a lot of time doing nothing but just sitting at dam site, riverside in the forest and walk around different nearby places. Let me share some brief information about the Polo forest that will support you to plan your attendant trip.


I am a nature lover and I love to walk in such places, so I do not need to like this place if you like it but if you also like to talk to nature then this place is also best for you. If you want to go to polo forest, in my opinion, you can enjoy nature from the month of July until the monsoon is closed or you can go in winter even after the monsoon husband is gone. But if you go there in the summer, you will be tired of the heat.

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