Best Hill Stations To Visit in South India in this Summer

Whenever we talk about hill station, we always imagine the Himalayan mountain and valleys, but there are mountain ranges in south India too. There are many places south India which can be a better hill station then the north. Here is the list of best hill stations in south India.

  1. Munnar

Munnar is located in Idukki district of Kerala and one of the best-visited hill station in south India. this place is known as swiss of south India. it was summer resort of Britisher in south India and was popular ever since.

Munnar has one of the highest peaks in south India which is 2695 meters. There are lots of things like trekking. When you reach at one of the highest points, you can actually see clouds bellow and you would feel like walking on the clouds. You can do Rock Climbing and Rappelling and go to boating and bicycling.

You can reach here from by air from Kochi and Madurai or rail from Kochi and Kottayam



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  1. Coorg

This place can easily be one of the best hill stations in south India. there are so many waterfalls which you can hear from miles away and when you reach there you would feel the largeness of nature. This place is easily accessible by rail, you need to come to Mysore which is 100km away. Most buses are frequent from Mysore and Mangalore which only take 4 or 5-hour bus journey.

You can visit Nagarahole – Wild Life Sanctuary, Honnamana Kere, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and Abbey falls and many more. you can visit fort and churches and even the place where 3 rivers meet. This place has a lot to offer alongside cool climate and that is why this place is in the list of best hill station in south India.



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  1. Ooty

One of the perfect holiday destination for newlywed or the family which is why its one of the best hill station in south India. Ooty word came from Udhagamandalam which means house in mountains and that’s what you will feel when you visit there.

Temperature would be around 15 to 20-degrees Celcius and it would go down to 0 degrees in winter which would hardly possible on the south side of India. near the mountain range of Nilgiri which is covered by greenery and you would see the hills with tea plantation. You can easily reach here by train which came from Chennai which is Nilgiri Express which reached to the nearby town to Ooty in the early morning, so you would be welcomed by the cold weather which can take away all of your stressed at once.

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  1. Horsley Hills

Known as Ooty of Andhra, this place is located in Andhra Pradesh. This place is 164km from Bengaluru and one of the most popular getaway. Make sure to carry enough cash as nearby ATM from Horsley Hills is Madanapalle which 28km away.

There is not much of activity to do here but rather than enjoy the surrounding and be with nature. You can take a walk and enjoy the greenery and cold atmosphere. If you are looking for a place which can spend alone and quality time together this place is one of the best hill stations in south India.

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

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  1. Nandi Hills

The place where Tippu Sultan spends his day away from the kingdom, Nandi Hills is truly one of the best Hill stations in south India. the place is 4500ft above sea level, so you wouldn’t feel the heat and humidity here and enjoy your stay in the cool and pleasant atmosphere.

You can visit this places from Bengaluru and the tickets are not more than 50rs on the bus. This place is so famous that from Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Queen Elizabeth II and many more visited here. You can see Tippu sultans old retreat and Tippu’s Drop where they would drop the people from the height who have committed crimes. There are many places you can visit and enjoy here.

Nandi hills

Nandi hills

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  1. Araku Valley

One of the least polluted hill stations in South India. you can visit here any time of the year as this place has pleasant climate all the time. You can visit here by rail as this place as a railway station. nearby airport is Vishakhapatnam at a distance of 112-km.

This place doesn’t offer much of sightseeing but rather it’s the place you can be one with nature. This is one of the places where movies have been shot all year long. You can visit nearby Chaparai falls and Ananthagiri falls.

Araku Valley

Araku Valley

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  1. Yercaud

At the height of 5325 feet above sea level, this place must be included in the list of best hill station in south India. this place is situated in  Salem District, in Tamil Nadu. You can reach here from Salem which is 22km away and it’s easy to get to the Salem as well.

There are tons of things to do and see in this place like The Big Lake Or Emerald Lake, Deer Park, Attached Teak Forest, 32-KM Loop road. There are lots of points and seats here like Lady’s Seat, Gent’s Seat and Children’s Seat and Pagoda Point.

Go to the houseboat and enjoy it, you can also do trekking or dirt biking at this place. This is one of the most popular places around here.



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We hope this article would help you find the best hill station in south India. if you have any more question, do let us know in the comments.

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