10 Best places to visit near Statue of unity

10 Best places to visit near Statue of unity.Near To all Places Information Of Statue of unity.List of tourist places near world tallest statue.Places to see at Statue of unity.

Gujarat has always been a place of wonder and it has attracted traveler from around the world for centuries. One of the newest addition to that wonder is the statue of unity, the world tallest statue. If you are as excited as I am to visit this place, why not make a plan for a whole day or weekend and roam around as well. For that, here are the 10 best places to visit near the statue of unity.

Statue of Unity

Tallest statue of the world, the statue of unity is of our Sardar Patel. To honor his contribution and his legacy, this statue unveiled to the world on his 143rd birthday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With this, it has dethroned the previous tallest statue, which was Spring Temple Buddha in China.

At a whopping height of 182 meters, this gigantic figure of Sardar Patel looks magnums. It located near Narmada dam and stand in the middle of the river itself. There are many things you can do around the statue apart from pulling your head back to look at the statue of unity.

Places to see at Statue of unity

There are so much to do when you reach the surrounding area of the statue. Here is a list of things to do and see at the statue of unity.

  • Viewing gallery: at 135 meters of height, you can see around 100 of kilometers of a panoramic view of Sardar Sarovar dam and the river. The spectacular view of surrounding in the evening would look like out of the world.
  • Sardar Patel memorial: how Sardar Patel helps India to get our freedom and later his effort on unifying the whole country, this memorial is dedicated to the life and work of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.
  • Selfie point: worried about where to take your selfie? They have selfie point at the statue of unity where you can take a picture with the statue itself.
  • Bridge: a bridge that connects statue of unity with the mainland. A good place to walk around and enjoy.
  • Laser Light and sound show: who was the Sardar? The story of our great leader represented with audio and laser show, which also came in with the ticket.

After spending a good amount of time at the statue of unity, if you feel like what next, then we have a treat for you. There are many places around where you can visit and spend the weekend as well.  Here is the list of best places to visit the nearby statue of unity.

Statue Of Unity–World’s Tallest Statue In Gujarat

10 Best places to visit near Statue of unity

  1. Sardar Sarovar Dam

One of the largest dams in the world supplies water to 4 neighbor states as well. The majestic view of the dam and a large water reservoir has attracted millions of tourist around the world. 1,210 meter long and 163 meters in height from its deepest foundation, this leviathan state of the art monument is hard work of many years.

The foundation stone of Sardar Sarovar dam was laid by the first prime minister of India, Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1961. After that, it faced many controversy and obstacle along the way for decades. The dam has the capacity to produce 4,141 corer unit of power and it would be shared between Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat. to witness the tallest statue in the world and the second largest dam in the world on the same day, this place is not to miss when you are looking for the places to visit nearby statue of unity.

sardar sarovar dam

Sardar Sarovar Dam

  1. Zarwani Waterfalls

Once you visit the statue of unity and thinking about what to do for the rest of the weekend, how about visiting waterfalls nearby. Just at 14km of distance to the place and its nearby statue of unity lies a wonderful picnic place in Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

You can go for trekking or hiking or camping as well. There are government quarters for people to stay the night if you prefer not to sleep in the camp. This weekend getaway could recharge you and give you peace of mind. fresh air, dense forest, chirping and hooting birds and serenity of nature and it free of price.

Zarwani Waterfalls

Zarwani Waterfalls

  1. Valley of Flowers

Imagine a rainbow, a rainbow which is spread in 17km and it’s on the earth, that’s what it feels like when you visit valley of flower nearby statue of unity. Just next to the banks of Narmada, this project was inception around the year 2003 and later speed up the construction after 2014.

This valley of the flower is currently around 250 hectors but it was planned to spread around 3000 hectors of land. More than 100 types of flowers, climbers, bamboos and deferent type of grasses are visible here. There is a Selfie zone as well and you can see the statue of unity from here as well.

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

  1. Poicha

One of the most visited places around the area because of the beautiful temple of Nilkanthdham Swaminarayan. A place surrounded by nature and peaceful tranquility. The temple itself is must visit for religious people as they have idols of every god and beautiful evening pooja.

You can also visit Shruti mandir ashramsayaji baug, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar gruh, Iskcon temple, ajwa garden, Shri kalianraiji mandir. The place is also a wonderful spot for a weekend picnic as well.



  1. Vishal Khadi Eco Campsite

When you visit the statue of unity and breath the fresh air of the forest, how about spending a night at the campsite? Vishal Khadi Eco campsite is situated just 7km away from the statue of unity and you can do much more than just sleeping there.

This place has a lot to offer like, the bathing ghats on the River Narmada at Chandod and Garudeshwar, the fort at Dabhoi, waterfalls, the Jain temples of Jagadia. You can also go for the boating trip to the nearby Karjar River as the backwaters of the river extend till the campsite.

  1. Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev Temple

One of the oldest temples around the area is not to miss by any traveler. We all know that most of our town was developed around rivers and that is the reason there are many old temples around this area.

This temple is also the best place for hiking, trekking, camping or picnic. The dense forest would make you feel like you are in the rainforest. The flora and fauna around the place are remarkably beautiful, also its just 7km away from the statue of unity.

Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev Temple

Shoolpaneshwar Mahadev Temple

  1. Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary

What better way to spend a weekend than camping in an actual wildlife sanctuary. Located just 100km away from the statue of unity, this place is huge. This protected area is on the south side of the Narmada River and spread across 234.6 sq mi and it shares a boundary with Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh as well.

This sanctuary has some of the best fauna and flora. It was created to protect sloth bear, bear lookalike species which is valuable now to extinction. They have also other animals like a turtle, Bengal monitor, many types of cobra and boa, crocodile, leopard, deer, and many other reptiles as well.  Some of the places would mirror the locations of Himalayan forest and have an extensive range of flowers and bamboo trees.

Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary

Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary

  1. Ninai Waterfalls

Also if you are in the Shoolpaneshwar Wild Life Sanctuary, don’t miss this waterfall as well. There are many waterfalls around this area and this one also one of the eye-catching and picture perfect place for camping.

The waterfall is around 30 feet tall and it would take some hiking to reach the top of it. although you can visit the basin and take a bath in gushing water. The place is surrounded by forest and farm and it would make a really nice addition to your trip to the statue of unity.

Ninai Waterfalls

Ninai Waterfalls

  1. Junaraj Eco Forest Cottage

The government has developed many campsites around the statue of unity. This eco forest cottage is situated near a very old temple which is totally isolated. What makes this place special is not many people know about this and that’s why there would be no rush or crowd around this area.

You can go for boating or take a dip in the river. There is government cottage to stay overnight which can be booked online. This place is nearby Aakashdevi and Dev Chhatra which were old capital of Gohil dynasty and one can find the remaining of some of the places.

Junaraj Eco Forest Cottage

Junaraj Eco Forest Cottage

  1. Kabirvad

This place is a little far away from the state of unity but you have time and willing to take a long drive of a couple of hours, then don’t miss this place. It’s one of the oldest and largest trees in Asia which is surrounded area of 3km.

This place is on an island in the river Narmada and can be reached by boat. The temple is also very old and for many religious people come a long way to visit this. The whole place would look like a dense forest but actually it’s just one banyan tree.



Now we don’t need to visit some other country to see the tallest statue in the world as we have statue of unity. So make a plan to visit this place and also other surrounding place as well. We hope this list help you with best places to visit nearby statue of unity. If you have any question regarding this article, do let us know

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