Top 10 places to visit in lonavala

LONAVALA is a town and a hill station in Pune district. It is about 64 kilometres west of modern-day Pune city and 96 kilometres from the city of Mumbai. It is known for its production of the hard candychikki and is also a major stop on the railway line connecting Mumbai and Pune.. Lonavla and the neighbouring Khandala are the twin hill stations closest to Mumbai. Lonavla is a great choice for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle, heat and humidity of India’s most populous city for a few days. The road is one of the most beautiful ways to reach Lonavla. By car, you can use the Mumbai Pune Expressway to reach Lonavla. You would have to take an exit at Khandala to get in. The toll is approximately ₹85 from Mumbai, but taking the Expressway not only reduces the journey time by 1/3, but also ensures a smoother ride.


Della Adventures-the very name reminds those who have been there of the adrenaline rush,the thrilling experiences and the wonderful memories. It is a must place to visit it’s an amazing experience everyone should try it atleast once it’s an perfect place for adventure enthusiastic swoop swing atv bikes rocket ejector are the best parts of the parks all other things are also awesome it’s an overall delight. The park is perfect blend of every thing. Best ride’s : Flying Fax(Zipline), Dog Walk, Sports Bar, Archery, Rocket Ejector, Net Cricket.The ambience was beautiful,the food was the best and all the people working there were warm, forthcoming and helpful.An ideal way to spend a day or a weekend.Indeed a little on the expensive side but worth every penny of it. A great time just the way you will if you go there.


Most popular attraction in Lonavla, Maharashtra. gives a clear and scenic view of Sahyadris on a clear day. A must visit during monsoons wherein it is covered in clouds with light drizzle. Remains windy all throughout the year.  Nearby spots include Amby Valley. Occasionally there are arrangements for paragliding. Do take some spare time as at times the approach road from Lonavla city to Lion’s point gets choked at few spots.Overall – a must visit. The place was so hot and humid. The corners are secured with Railings to refrain people from going to the edge.. A strong gust of wind can take light weight people down the cliff.The area could be paved with tiles to give it a better look.


These caves are ~ 2500 years old, built during the time of the great king Asoka. Thus they are our national heritage. Built on top of a hill, the place also offers great scenic beauty. Superb carvings of the time of Buddha.Excellent piece of Sculptor very well preserved heritage place and peaceful feeling inside the caves wonderful view from the top.Very courteous management staff .There have to be a trekking enthusiast as there are lot of steps. The steps can be maintained slightly better for ease of climbing. Must visit if U go to Lonavala or Kamshet.


Lohagad Fort, or the Iron Fort counts under the top 15 Forts to Visit in the Maharashtra. Situated at 70 KMs from the City of Pune, this historical fort offers a stunning view of Pawna Lake from the top along with its own beauty of architecture. Owned by numerous dynasties including Mughals, Marathas. Built around 450 years before by Guru Govind Singh, the fort served as prison, living place, military house and keep for the treasury. Currently it is a protected monument by Govt of India and have free entries to its majestic views.
The trek to the top of the fort is itself 5 KMs from the base and have tar road, on which you can hire tempo as well if you want. You can spot various refreshment stuff sellers on the road and taking a trek with its road is a wonderful experience. One can also use the hill for professional trekking but it’s always risky. Carry light woolen cloths the hill top is cold a bit, Also, carry an Umbrella, you never know when rain gets happy on you.
There is couple of resorts on the hills, the views and the climates is literally majestic.One should MUST VISIT this place if planning to go to Lohagad Fort .


It is a beautiful dam located close to Lonavala, its a short trekt to reach the dam. The surroundings are lush green and the place is quaint. It would have been fun to do boating over there. In monsoon, when lake goes to its overflow limit, it creates a very beautiful scene. But same time, it remains very crowed. – so much, that hard to see water falling. You can see only people standing or seating on the steps. Bhushi Dam is a masonry dam (masonry – mainly stone and brick; At times joined with mortar) on the Indrayani River. It is Ideal to visit this Dam during Monsoon.The steps to this dam are slippery and hence advisable to wear footwear with good gripping. Be very careful while walking on the steps.


The temple reminds you of the mini vaishnodevi trip where you have to endleessly walk to get the divine pleasure. The temple is surrounded by Kalra Caves, which has beautiful engravings Overall, its one of the places you would not like to miss in your trips to Lonavala!! Temple near karla caves so you get both historical and divine experiences together. Very well managed and neat and clean temple. It was divine experience to visit templeLike most other temple envira devi temple is top of a hill situated around 30 kms from Khalapur Toll and, take around an hour and a half to get here. There is also a temple at the foothills to suffice devotion of the ones with weak legs to get to the main temple. Like most temples this one is also top of a hill with good 45mins to an hour of steps to get to the temple. Time the climb to the top for the early morning. Do wear shoes with good grip as the black stone can be rough on the feet and shoes.The best part about the climb is that along with the temple you have the amazing Karla caves which is a must see.


Pavana Lake under the Pavana dam is a perfect place to visit during cannot directly visit near the lake but will have to go through Restaurant.But once near the lake you will have complete peace around and can sit around and relax. There are multiple restaurants and also this lake is famous for camping. Once be there you would fall in love with quaint lake. Pavana Lake located in mid of lush green mountains is worth gazing all the time. Lake offers wonderful 360 degree views that simply breathtaking. Its good lake always filled with water… But u should visit in rainy season to view natural beauty and get fresh and to enjoy the day with peace. U can also have view of sunset from there. This lake is clean and a pleasure to take boat rides or kayaking. Located in the interiors of the pavna village with a dam built on it, this lake is a treasure trove to birds and natural surroundings.


Western Ghats runs for more than 1500 kilometres and covers some of the very beautiful hill towns of India like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala etc. It is also known for its bio-diversity and it comes alive during the monsoon when it is an absolute must do. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight “hottest hot-spots” of biological diversity in the world. It is sometimes called the Great … The view of the western ghats is majestic throughout the Mumbai pune expressway. It is too good especially in the monsoon with waterfalls everywhere on the route. Several points which are worth taking selfies from. Lovely place for a drive and even to take a walk. The road trip from mumbai to Pune. The visit to panchgani and mahabaleshwar – simply amazing. It has the old time charm -scenic beauty. Some places just seem like a dream come true. Ascenic point in mahabaleshwar is one of them.


Beautiful lake, beautiful scenery around, greenery all around, historical structures. It’s a place filled with nature’s beauty all around.If visited in the rainy season, it should look like the heaven. Everyone should include this point in their tour. You can do following activities: Ballon ride,Boating, Water fall, Hukka bars and corn pokoda..You can easily got veg n non veg food. 1hr from Pune.. lovely weather during monsoon and must visit place to see picturesque Hills, mountains, waterfalls,dam ,greenery, clouds ☁ and the Rain ☔… it’s just amazing to enjoy full day here… sitting at Bhooshi dam stairs and enjoy water fall.


Located very near to the Karla caves. More than 2000 years old, these caves are our ancient heritage. Bhaja Caves is the collective name given to a group of 22 rock-cut formations that are perched atop a hill near Lonavala. Most of these caves date back to the period between 3rd century BC and 2nd century AD, when the Hinayana sect of Buddhism was at its peak. The most prominent structure amongst this group is the Chaityagrha – an open shrine with splendid wooden architecture. This hall has tall wooden pillars and a dome-shaped stupa, along with elaborately designed arches and patterns. Another notable rock-cut formation is Cave 18, which is a monastery with a large hall.Depictions of the Sun God Surya and Lord Indra are present inside this cave. Its is also home to two beautifully adorned doorways. From tall pillars and stupas to inscriptions and sculpted depictions, For Kids Bhaja Caves are a significant part of the Indian heritage, which children must be familiarised with. These caves shed light on the cultural and architectural richness of India in ancient times, thus proving to be educative for kids.





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