Coorg is an administrative district of Karnataka established in May 1834 known for its natural splendour. It is the place to be for all nature lovers imposing misty landscape, on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. People there are different from other Indian communities by their customs, traditions, beliefs, family structure, food and traditional attire, their origins has always been questioned by historians and ethnologists. It also stands as a popular destination because of its culture and people. People there speak Coorg Language which has been influenced by Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada languages. People of this place specializing in martial arts, and especially notable for their keen hospitality. The first Chief of Indian Armed forces, of independent India, belonged to Coorg.  This is the popular coffee producing hill station.  Coorg is the ultimate place for tracking, bird-watching, unique adventures and exotic view. As shades of nature envelope the magnificent Coorg, its cool weather complements all its enchantments. There are rivers, falls, national park, Raja’s tomb and many temples. It is everything you wish to find in a serene location. The tourists coming here are most enamored by its scenic beauty. The onset of the monsoon season in June, when the entire town blooms with all of its vivaciousness. Perhaps the best possible thing one can do here is enjoying the weather, and drift into the heart of this magnificent place. Coorg is a must-visit for soul-searchers and nature lovers.



Its called ‘Abbi’ falls (Abbi means waterfall in local language). The British named is Jessey Waterfalls, in memory of Jessey the daughter of Madikeri’s first chaplain. Abbey Falls is 8 kms from Madikeri. The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations and as you approach the fall through the steps, the roar of the waterfall can be heard from the road. For the best view of the fall right from the front and to enjoy the misty feeling of the water there is hanging bridge constructed just opposite the falls over the Kaveri River. The best time to visit this place is during monsoon or immediately after the monsoon. The water was flowing in full force & it felt really very nice to watch the clean water flowing at its own pace.


Dubare is an Elephant training camp on the banks of the River Cauvery. It is run by Jungle Lodges and Resorts. The most fun activities here are giving a bath to some of the trained elephants and then feeding them! You need to reach around 7 am to the river bank where the Mahouts will bring in a few elephants for a bath in the river. Once the Mahout has put the elephants at ease in the river, you can walk thru the shallow waters and join in the scrubbing! You can also visit the kitchens and watch how the cooks make special balls made of finger millet or “Ragi” for the Elephants. One can end up this visit with a Jeep Safari into the forest where without too much effort, you should be able to spot Elephants, Bison, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Sāmbhar and Wild Dogs.


Located amidst the sandal groves a few hours from Bangalore and Mysore, in Karnataka state, South India, Namdroling was established by His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche shortly after he came to India from Tibet.  The Dalai Lama consecrated the spot and bequeathed the name “Namdroling Monastery.” Namdroling Monastery also known as the Golden temple in a Tibetian settlement near Kushalnagar Coorg.It’s a lovely place, huge temple complex. The temple houses three golden statues of Buddha, Padmasambhava, and Amitayus. They should have a guide or someone who could give the visitors a proper tour of the Monastery and Tibet culture. The monastery was established as learning centre after heavy rains in north. The huge statues of spiritual leaders and Gautam Buddha stand tall in a large monastery with painted walls, and windows.


Raja seat is located just near the madikeri town (2kms). A good place to view the sunset and do a panoramic photo. There is tourist train to take you around the small hill, might be some 1-2 kms. Lot of people visit this place. Best time is to visit at evening 5pm to sunset.  Post the sunset you can still spend another hour at the point, enjoying the musical fountain show and some local delicacies available right outside the park. Raja’s seat at Madikeri is like gem of the city. It’s a treat to the eyes during monsoon with refreshing layers of greenery and mist around.


This is a forest resort created on Island by Govt. of Karnataka. The entire Island is about 65 acres with a rich cover of trees and there are enough watchtowers to climb up and sit, also a small deer park. Boating can be done in the river. Reach to the resort is thru Hanging bridge. Cottages are situated exactly aside to river, each cottage is having a spacious balcony with can seat and river flows under balcony, enjoy the movement.  How fantastic its cottages are wooden and they provided all basic amenities hot water, wardrobe, fan, mirror. Cottages are well maintained and clean. The stay leaves you with good experience of staying amidst jungle, with water bodies around. There is also a little shop in the resort which sells good craft works.


It is amid of the Nagarahole Forest reserve in Karnataka, It is a very nice falls to visit. Once you reach the entrance of Iruppu falls site, you can visit the Shiv temple and then move ahead in the pathway.. It has beautiful scenery covered with greenery and tall trees.
The water is called Lakshmana theertha (Brother of Rama fired an arrow when he was thirsty to get water). It falls about a height of 100 mts. It is very beautiful falls.  Be ready to take a quick refreshing bath. The water is superb and crystal clear. Its a good place to visit in monsoon season when the water is in full force. The roaring waters of the Iruppu coupled with the picturesque surroundings make it a great picnic spot.


Built in 19th century, in 1820, by King Lingarajendra II presenting an interesting architecture that attracts not only devotees but everyone. Irrespective of which faith you are from, its unique blend of Gothic and islamic architecture is worth exploring. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The story behind the construction of this temple is that the king Lingaraja desired the hand of a brahmin girl. Since her father, a poor brahmin refused to give her away in marriage to the king, the king killed the brahmin. By doing so, he was cursed with “Brahma hatya dosha”. After this he used to get scary nightmares. Later, he was advised to build Lord Shiva temple to get salvation from his sin. Hence, he constructed Omkareshwara Temple. It is believed that, the Lord Shiva which is installed here was brought from Kashi and also, a very sacred one among the five Shivalingas worshipped in Kashi. The temple has a beutiful pond and a large compound. A peaceful and calm temple. One can sit in the temple premises for sometime and feel relaxed.


This is an excellent place for nature lovers and wildlife photographers. The National Park is located in Mysore-Kodagu Districts of Karnataka. Spread across a huge area, this national park is habitat for Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Wild Boars, Gaurs, Wild Dogs, many varieties of Deers, Sambar and also many varieties of birds and plants.
It is about 60 kms from Mysore enroute to Coorg and Kerala stateThe forest department has its guest house here with very limited accommodation. A stay here is very very relaxing and enjoyable.. It will be pin drop silence during the nights as no vehicular traffic is there.
A safari into the forest in the mornings or evenings would help you chance citing wild animals like wild dogs, wild boars, tiger, leopard, elephants, spotted deer, barking deer, sambar, gaur, gaint lizard, variety of birds etc. During monsoon it will be lush green here and a site worth watching and enjoying.This is one of the best national parks. The canteen here serves food to your room. A very very ideal place for relaxation especially with family and friends. Monsoons are more enjoyable in this place. Stay at the forest guest house is most enjoyable.


Story goes like this about rajaseat – Raja of Kodagu used to come here every evening and sit and enjoy the view. This is one of the best maintained place in madikeri and have splendid view of valley. Offers excellent views of the vast mountain ranges. The valleys and the plains below and the mountains in the backdrop.  Place is made of a very small garden but with a very good view of mountain views.. It is added with beauty of sun set.. one can sit down for 1 hr in evening and enjoy the nature’s beauty.


Holy and birthplace of river Kaveri. Surrounded by lush greenery atop bramhagiri hill. Legend says the origin of the river emanated from Saint (sage) Agastya muni kamandalam (holy water pot carried by sages during their travel or otherwise always). Has majorly become a tourist place and gaining popularity due to local language movies being shot unlike devotional visit or for prayers.Temple is on top of the hill and next to Bramhagiri hill which is one of the top peaks. The temple will get covered in fog and then gets cleared and then again gets foggy.. A religious place on the hilltop surrounded by clouds is a mesmerizing location. The views are extremely scenic along the way. Once at Talacauvery, there is plenty of parking available. The place where the Cauvery originates itself is a small tank. One cannot imagine how such a small tank gives rise to a large river that flows hundreds of kilometers.One can also decide to climb another 100 steps to a get a great view of the peaks.



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