Assam is a northeastern state in India. It is located on south on eastern Himalayas along with the rivers valleys of Brahmaputra and Barak. Assam is not only known for its tea and silk but also for its tourism. With the beautiful nature surrounding, the region offers a whole lot of scope for tourism. Truly enchanting for nature lovers and adventure buffs.

Let us checkout the most flourishing places in Assam

1.Kaziranga national park

Kaziranga National Park is the pride of India. With intense geographical location, the park presents an immense range of natural magnificence. The park offers a splendid picturesque sight. Animals like one-horned rhinoceros, tiger, Asiatic elephant, swamp deer and Asiatic water buffaloes are mostly spotted in the park, furthermore the park is demarcated as a vital bird area by the birdlife international to conserve endangered species. The beautiful geographical vicinity of the park makes it heaven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. For attracting tourists Hot Air Ballooning over Kaziranga National Park will be started soon.

2.Majuli Island

Majuli is 20 kilometers from Jorhat.  It is suitable to take a bus or hire a taxi to Nimati Steamer Ghat, from there you can use ferry service. It is a paradise for bird watchers. Being a wet island excellent for plant and wildlife, sheltering many endangered species comprising migrant birds that arrive in winters. Most of the island was infertile ridges that were exposed to erosion, but due to afforestation it has become a lush forest inviting birds such as the Siberian crane, dark wild geese, pelican, the whistling teal, greater adjutant stork etc. can be viewed flying in flocks. Majuli Island carries a rich heritage of Assamese Neo-Vashnavite culture through the tribal communities. The forest has become habitat for animals including elephants, tigers, deer, and vultures. The best time to visit is between November to March as the weather and wildlife view is pleasing.

3.Kamakhya temple

The Kamakhya Temple is among the 51 Shakti Pithas situated on the Nilachal Hill in the western Part of Guwathi. It is dedicated to goddess Kamakhya who is said to protect her devotees from evil eyes. It is the most important destination for Hindus and especially for Tantric worshipers. Worshiping here still includes sacrifices. Ambubachi festival attracts lots of devotes as it is an annual festival takes place in the month of June. The Ambubachi is a ritual observed with Tantrik means. It is believed that the reigning goddess of the temple, Devi Kamakhya, the Mother Shakti, is going through her annual mensuration cycle during this period.

4.Chitralekha Udyan

Cole Park now known as Chitralekha Udyan is well known for its splendid beauty is near the center of Tezpur. Inside the park there is a lake in a shape of a horse, there are historical relics like decorated stone pillars, and inscription from Bhomoraguri are been brought from Bamuni Hills and placed there. Also a Model MIG 21 Fighter Plane has been placed there. In addition to it, there are number of enjoyable rides like bump a car, boating, few water spots and it open air stage and restaurants for the entertainment of the visitors. The best time to visit this park, is during winter and spring as the summer can get really hot and humid. The park should be avoided in the rainy seasons due to lack of shelters.


Halflong is sited amidst the stunning hills of Chachar Hills now known as Dima Hasao. Halflong means Ant Hill. This hill station is well known as Scotland of Assam and honestly gives us the feeling of being in Scotland. Halflong being nirvana for the nature lovers offers plenty of reason to visit the place, is a paradise for photographers. Locations at Halflong and its nearby place to visit are Halflong Lake, Halflong hill, Jatinga, famous for bird suicide occurring every September and October and also for its oranges. Panimoor Waterfall is very famous tourist spot for its effusive milky waterfall. Bendao Baiglai Waterfall is a lush green location and a popular picnic spot. Notun Neikul Village is a heaven for hikers and trekkers which is 9 kilometers from Halflong, is located at Barail Mountains. Though there is no direct Air connection to Haflong, one can fly to Guwahati or Silchar from where easy road or rail options are available. The best time to visit Haflong is during the winter season from October to February.


Hajo is an ancient Pilgrim centre which attracts Hindu, Muslims and Buddhists. It lies on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, 24 kilometers from the city of Guwahati. This place entails lots of temples like Kedareshwar, Kameshwar; very well-known Powa Mecca mosque; Hayagriva Madhava which houses the relics of Lord Buddha and Deva Bhavna which was the meeting point of all the deities.


Jorhat is reckoned to be Assams Cultural capital. Johrat hosts diversity of attractive magnetisms to the tourists. It is very famous for the production of tea and has the largest Tea Research Places in India. There are people from diverse cultures and festivals of different states are been celebrated here. Johrat being rich in its culture attracts travelers.


Tinsukia is said to be a doorway for wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful villages. As an important town of Assam this place is quite prevalent amid the tourists. This town also serves as a place for the tourists who comes on a trip to the adjoining cities. The Marut Nandan Kanan Park, Dibru Saikhowa National Park, Bell temple, Bherjan Borajan Padumoni Wildlife Sanctuary, Shiv Dham are the most prevalent tourist magnetisms around the city.


Sivsagar attracts a lot of tourists. Sivsagar Tank is the largest Manmade Lake in India which is 250 years old constructed by queen Madambika. Other Tanks are Joysagar, Gaurisagar, and Rudrasagar. These places are close to Sivsagar. There are cluster of temples like Shivdol, Vishnudol and Devidol and Ghanashyam Dol that attracts the devotees. Best time to visit Sivasagar is October to February.


Sualkuchi is called Manchester of Assam as it has a huge number of cottage industry that engages in handloom. Sualkuchi portrays cultures and traditions of Assam at its finest. The city is the textile center of Aassam, Eri Silk, Muga Silk, Pat silk along with Endi Cloth are famous for its quality. Likewise amazing in its Flora and Fauna it is a place for migratory birds and exotic animals. Sualkuchi is also famous for its boat races called Naokhels or boat races. People from different casts and communities gather to participate in the rowing competition. Best time to visit the city is in April and May.


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