LADAKH is the region in Indian state of JAMMU and KASHMIR. It is renowned with beauty of culture and mountains. Its beauty can’t be expressed in words. It is favourite among the adventure sports, enthusiasts unique adventure in trekking, mountaineering and water rafting. In LADAKH number of festivals and annual events can be celebrated in winter. The largest town in LADAKH is LEH which is followed by KARGIL. LADAKH food has much in common with TEBITAN food. Ice hockey is the most popular sport in LADAKH. Cricket is also popular there. The best time to visit during June to September when the temperature is moderate. The famous treks carried out in the month of December and January. One cannot miss this place to visit it is said that it is as beautiful and phenomenal as Kashmir.




It was built in 1991 by Japanese BUDDIST. It is well maintained structure with rules to follow for visitors. It is tourist attraction also because you can find a Panoramic view of LEH, the capital of LADAKH. Whenever you think about CHANSPA serenity, peacefulness and exotic views of this place comes in mind. If you are night gazer, and love peace this is the best place for it. The Panoramic view is mesmerizing and gives you the moment of breathlessness.


It is 134km long and 8km wide lake situated in the HIMALAYAS. It freezes completely in winter. The beauty and allure of this lake has attracted people from all over the country. The name of the lake PANGONG was got from a Tibetan word BANGGONG CO that means a narrow and enchanted lake. Its blue water is enough to leave a lasting impression on your mind. This place is paradise for bird lovers. The best time to visit this place is between June to September.


It is built in 1976. It is 39km away from the LEH. A mountain pass at the height of 13380fts above the sea level in LADAKH region of JAMMU and KASHMIR. This pass connects LEH city and NUBRA valley. This is the one of the highest motorable roads in the world. It is maintained by the bro-border roads organization. Its like visiting like a heaven.


It is 150km north from the LEH town, the capital of LADAKH city. There the roads will be underneath, the water and river SHYOK will be flowing all over it. Landslides and shooting stones are way too common on this road. This place is probably risky to visit alone, because there is very less facility of transportation.


It is about 30kms from LEH towards KARGIL and known as Magnetic hill of LADAKH. It is also known as gravity hill. It has magnetic properties which attracts metallic body, making vehicles move up at a speed of about 20kms per hour with their engines off. It is one of the unique place find in LADAKH.


It is located 4kms away from the city and was built in the memory of brave soldiers who lost their lives fighting for INDIA at the time of Indo-Pakistan war. The museum showcases seized arms and amenities, pictures and biographies of brave soldiers, which is maintained by the Indian Army. The items related to LADAKH culture, history, vegetation and wildlife found across there.


This place is well-known as PANGONG too. It offers scenic with blue sky and crystal-blue water. The exact reflection of the mountains, clouds and the sky are seen from there. It is the more beautiful place in the sunset. Some beautiful lakes like JEKAR lake and TSOKAR lake will also pass through it. It is also known as human paradise.


It is built in 17th century as a royal palace by NAMGYAL DYANSTY by the MEDIEVAL Tibetan architecture. This palace is maintained by the “Archaelogical survey of INDIA” [ASI]. The museum holding over 450 years old artefacts in the midst of the mountains that provide breath taking view of the snow mountain ranges attract the tourist to this place. It is decorated with the wood carved figurines. A statue of lord BUDDHA is seated inside the monastery of the palace. The palace looks more ravishing on the full moon night rising the mystic charm.


It is situated 45kms away from the city. It is very big museum and the richest MONOSTRY of LADAKH. About a quarter of all cultivated fields in LADAKH are owned by this MONASTRY. There is also a wide selection of books, maps and posters. History lover must visit this place. They reveal their beauty and peacefulness with good and calm atmosphere. The best of this precious museum is some of the rare which is hard to find, the articles related to BUDDISH and the cultural history of LADAKH is found here.


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