20 Must Try Food In Scotland

A factor that most of the visitors to Scotland would note is the amount of fresh produce that is used in the cooking. The blessed nature of the land which has an abundance of fish and fresh green vegetables being grown in the very Scottish countryside makes for an ideal setting.  Picked out below are some of the most important traditional Scottish food and in no particular order as such.

1. Haggis

A pudding which is called by another name but one of the most rustic ones too. This is a meat preparation that has a lot of variations to it. However, certainly, something not to be missed out at any cost.

2.  Salmon

The nature of the salmon in Scotland to be much higher in oil content make the usual brazed salmon serving much pungent than anywhere else. But when done just right, this can be one of the lightest preparations possible.

3. Porridge

Made of oatmeal, the porridge in traditional Scottish food comes much thicker and fuller due to the nature of the oats found grown in the area.

4. The full Scottish

This is nothing but a complete Scottish breakfast to start off the day. The rather rural setting of the highlands lends the certain wholesomeness to the meal.

5. Scottish tablet

With the combined goodness of milk, sugar and butter all cooked together and let to harden, the tablet is much more than mere taste alone. It could well be the most nutritive food element taken for unit weight.

6. Bangers and mash

A dish of mashed potatoes accompanied by a generous helping of the Scottish sausages is what this dish is all about. The typical offering is made during the start of the day when a good dependable source of energy is required.

7. Toffee pudding

A common dish often at most pubs around the land, this dish consists of mainly a bread core with generous amounts of dates and toffee sauce tossed in. It is usually served with accompanying ice-cream or vanilla custard.

8. Fish supper

Rather a very modest name for a protein-rich fish preparation that has to be noted for the tender fish used to prepare it. Care must be exercised to see that the fish is not seared at too high a temperature.

9. Grouse

Roast duck as some would describe it, this is usually prepared during the hunting season when there would be an abundance of wildfowl. The Grouse often summarize a hunting trip served at dinner.

10. Black pudding

Often called the gory pudding since raw blood is used in its preparation, this is a tasty preparation that should not be given the go by. A hard exterior coating could hide the softer insides which has a fair share of meat and oatmeal making it up.

11. Leek and Tattie soup

A traditional Scottish food served at the Burns Suppers each year, this dish is known for its delicate mixture of aroma and subtle taste. The lemony tingles are spaced out by the bolder creamy taste which can be a great attraction to many visitors to the countryside.

12. Bacon Butty

This could well be another burger called differently. Copious amounts of bacon and served inside a while bun bread make for a tasty combination on the whole. A generous serving of sauces tends to create the fair variations to the tastes of the dish. A preferred meal for the construction workers for its portability and ease of consumption.  

13. Battered Mars bar

The humble and wholesome mars bar is cooked in oil after having dipped in a thick batter. With the insides forming a gooey mass after some time, it is important to consume the preparation as soon as it is made. The frying does provide a deep flavor otherwise not present in the mars bars.

14. Scones

Scotland is never complete without its share of scones. It is possible to create many variations by changing the ingredients while keeping the base the same. There are some top-rated scones centers around most towns and villages around Scotland.

15. Sunday Roast

Here the choice of meat to use hardly matters but it should be copious enough in the measure. A good start to a worker is never complete without a hearty meal, and the Sunday Roast need not be restricted to the Sundays alone.

16. Shortbread

This bread preparation can be used in a number of ways.  As a soup accompaniment, snack item and just about anywhere a tasty and absorbent morsel in required.  It has to be appreciated that the bread does have the rather high fiber content too.  

17. Crumpets

A close resemblance to the English muffin does not mean that it would taste the same. There is a roughness to the dish which is the defining part of the preparation as well. The heavy built bread does fill a person well.


A soda brand that is a high seller in the Scotlands; and known for the syrupy texture and consistency too. Certainly, a refreshing choice from the natural sodas of the times.

19. Cheddar Cheese

Well, there all sorts of cheese but the Scottish Cheddar does have depth too if often missing in the other varieties. The pale white exterior hides the rather mild taste which can indeed be the most attractive part to the cheese type.

20. Arbroath Smokies

Essentially smoked Haddock which has been turned into a consistent gravy form. The smokiness of the fish does permeate the whole body of the dish and can be overpowering. Often accompanied by a bread accompaniment, the dish can be filling to have at any time of the day.

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