SHIMLA is the largest city and capital of HIMACHAL PRADESH. The name Shimla given after the Hindu goddess Shyamal Devi. The city has beautifully planned with well-knit roads, proficient administration and flawless cleanliness. Every year the Shimla summer festival celebrated on the Ridge. Popular singers from all over the country performs here. Local hangouts like the malls and the ridge are the heart of the city. It is also known as the house of home skating. Every year in the month if January skating club held the events. Many temples are also there which are famous places to visit for tourist. A collection of various paintings found at the state museum. The well known artistic jewellery, textiles, embroidered shawls, leather articles, sculptures, small wooden boxes, utensils, image carvings, blankets, rugs, caps, and many more are the great attraction of tourist. The huge collection of beaded and metal jewellery are also available. The best time to visit Shimla is from the month of march until June.



It is the heart of the Shimla and the hub of all cultural activities. It is in the mall road with famous shopping centre. It is the biggest hill station covered with green slopes, fir, pine and deodar tress. In winter the major snowfall starts from the Ridge with beautiful clumps of snow. All summer festival and government functions are held at Ridge. It is the dream destination who love the view of mountains.


Christ Church is situated on the Ridge built in 1857. It is the second oldest church in the north India and the prominent landmark of the Shimla. It is designed by the neo-Gothic style. The stained glass window and the clock are the attraction of this church. Many Bollywood films are the part of this place like black and 3idiots.


JAKHOO is the ancient temple of lord HA NUMAN where the festival of Dussehra held every year. On 5th of November 2010, the world’s largest statue with 108 feet [33m] high idol of lord HANUMANJI unveiled there at the cost of 1.5 crores. It is said that in epic RAMAYAN that the HANUMANJI stopped there to rest while as he was searching for the SANJIVANI BOOTI revive LAKSHMANA.


The mall road is the main street in Shimla, with the big shopping hub included no. of showrooms, departmental stores, shops, restaurants and cafes. The product like pottery items, woollen clothes, artistic jewellery are available there. The near by places to visit mall road are scandal point, Gaiety theatre, kali Bari temple of goddess kali and the town hall. It is said to be best place for shopping in Shimla.


It is established in 1965 set up the Ministry of education and the Government of India. It is Inaugrated by the Prof. S. RADHAKRISHNAN on 20th October 1965. An artistic camp can be organised every alternate year. It is considered one of the leading research and reference libraries in Humanties and Social Science in the country.


It is the 5km away from the Shimla ridge and the part of the hill cluster. It is also known as the potter’s hill. It is flooded with alluring beauty. Beautiful pine woods and standing tall trees are the main attraction of Shimla-Ikalka railway station. Summer hill in Shimla is fascinated with its beautiful charm and the place is densely covered with the cedar and pines, provide a calm and idyllic surrounding


It is the small hill station located 20 kms away from the Shimla national highway no. 22. Here the Kufir Bunglow is very famous for its statues and architecture. Mahusa peak is the highest peak in kufir. It includes amusement park for kids. Excellent destination for family to make memorable day with various rides, games and the best picnic spot. It is the good for sight seen throughout the season.


It is located approximately 3kilometeres away from the Ridge. It is developed as playground of the city used to play cricket, golf and polo. It is peaceful green and well-maintained place. One can spend here 2hours by visiting museum, Shaurya hall, glass house, golf course and munching at the small café. It is maintained and secured by the Indian army. ID- card is required for the entry in premises.


This temple was build in 18th century. The iconic kali Mata temple is one of the major attraction of Shimla. This temple is dedicated to goddess kali. Here it is known as SHYAMALA DEVI. It is very close to mall road and very easy accessible. The temple is very nicely maintained the environment there gives the peace of mind.


Scandal point is the interaction between the mall road and the Ridge. Its get very unique name and unique story behind it. The name arose from the commotion caused by the British lady and an Indian Maharaja. It is the most attracted tourist place and most crowded. Here the evening and the night life are good with lighting, cafes, shopping and much more.


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